There's Always

by Money in the Banana Stand

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Debut full-length from Charlottetown Pop-punk/folk-punk band Money in the Banana Stand.


released June 23, 2010

Steve Brown - Vocals/Guitar
Joel Young - Guitar/Vocals
James Jabbour - Bass/Vocals
Chase MacDonald - Drums

Recorded and Mixed by Miles Kinnee
Mastered by J. LaPointe




all rights reserved


Money in the Banana Stand Charlottetown

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Track Name: What You Know
"I feel like smashing this room to bits,
Setting fire to the house,
And running off to the Sierra"
where I can find true love.

Never tell me that you love me
unless you fucking mean it
I need to run, I need to feel!
I need to start again

I ask, “when do you feel alive?”
"When the snow slashes your face,
and the wind ushers you on.
20 more hard years in this place,
all I know is the cold - winter, ice, my job and my wife
all I know is how to grow old"

Let's get our shit up to the mountains and be pioneers.
That look on your face tells me that's what you've been dreaming of for years.

Grow old.

I live with my thoughts
and wait for a day when everything I know becomes anything else.
The 21st century: a magical era in which one can live and die without
ever feeling the consequences of one's actions.
An extraordinary time in which one can live and die without
meaning anything at all.
I am more. More than a sack of shit, growing old.

For every breath I take from you, I will give back two.
Open your eyes and start again.
Track Name: Genghis Khan Wouldn't Shop At Wal-Mart
I don't know if it's just getting older
or the state of the world right now,
but it seems to me evil doesn't have to be
as blatant as it once was.

I realised quite a while ago
that the man who make millions
from sweatshop labor
goes home at night, to his wife and kids
whom he loves.

And have we become so detached
that we're willing to overlook
incredible injustices
just because we know that the villain is
as human as the rest of us

And though it may seem shocking to hear
that the most vile of men also fear
or are capable of shedding a tear
in order to keep one's conscience clear:
it seems the best option
is to judge people on their actions
because they face the same choices
as you or I

And if they're able to maintain their souls,
what good is it to say that I have a soul as well?
And if these are the people who will make it to Heaven,
I'm not certain I wouldn't be happier in Hell.

"I read you are a vegetarian and are
seriously concerned with the way animals are killed"
"Doesn't that concern extend to humans?"
"Curiously not"
Track Name: New Fraternity
I pledge allegiance to the stars that tuck me in at night,
pretty much the only thing that makes me want to stand and fight.
Soul full of traffic, veins pumping harder
than the engines flyin' by on the Trans Canada 1.
Let disapproval be my motivation;
motherfuck this nation.
When I hear that sound I know I'll never let them say “we won.”

I'll let this music be my religion.
My corporate sponsor: my ecosystem.
Throw those who put us down in the trash,
recycle the fists; make something last.

I live for something
that I can't see, but I feel

Pedal through the jungle,
eyes forward, try not to look up at the skyscrapers.
They'll fall someday when trees and rocks become true architecture
Guitars with broken strings
make music ring inside of me
Fuck those who think that they are best,
I'll say what I need to get off my chest.

I live for something
that I can't see, but I feel

Fuck your Canada flag. I celebrate every single day.
Track Name: WHT (Parts 1 & 2)
WHT Part 1

And sometimes I wonder
Is it because of black and white photography
that when I think of the past
there are no vibrant colours

And How many times a day do
I think to myself if
I were to die right now,
well that would be alright.

WHT Part 2

What the fuck are you talking about?
We both know that poetry is
finding the extraordinary
in the mundane.

And if you equate knowledge,
I'll love you forever.
If you don't know what that means,
you haven't seen enough
Convenience Stores at 4:00 am
warm mop buckets and dingy tiles.
People trapped there who really do care
about the fleeting human contact.
Track Name: 1728
She should have died hereafter;
There would have been a time for such a word.

To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing
Track Name: Men
men, all they ever do is bleed,
and dream all day of lust drenched in brainless blood.
romanticized fanatics,
call me a bully and you'll have yours

they scream and cry,
utilize words like 'honor'
sprint 'round the city,
are they chasing or being chased?
and who could be chasing them,
the good old boys?
they're running from the sincere voice
inside their mind

the one we've taught them to ignore...
we've taught them to hate
oh no,
we've taught them to bleed.
Track Name: Wave (Goodbye To The Tough-Guys)
You're all the same, every tough guy that I know;
you drive your fancy cars,
and you look at me like I'm shit.
but it's okay, because I've got mine
and a membership to your gym

Letterman Jacket! Fuck! Yes!
Tougher than Mr. Clean!
Prime Times, not cigarettes!
Cruisin' in Dad's Corvette!

Tough Guys!
You're all the same!

(A true tough guy is a malicious nerd whomper)

Let's get that collar Popped!
Your role model is the Rock!
Theory of a Dead Man!
Life is a search for clam!

So confused by this stigma of society,
forcing me to be a person that just isn't me.
Gotta fight back against this faceless fiend.
I'll stick razors in bowflex and slip anthrax in creatine.

Tough Guys!
You're all the same!
Track Name: Laughing All The Way To The Bank
My homeland, fixed and fettered.
Forced to face the feet of kings, gods, ministers, mayors.
Country, state, tradition have never worked
but those with noble blood just push the button and you,
you can't stand up.

Everywhere it's the same fucking crime,
from PEI dirt to Toronto grime.
Concrete, towers, burning lights -
look up at the product of someone else's vice.

Where the fuck do you think your culture comes from?

They're laughing all the way to the bank.
Track Name: PMA
I've got maybe 80 years left to live,
the last 20 sure to be shit.
I have no real problems in my life.
So if you ever see me down or out,
remind me “motherfucker, you're still alive.”

Faced with a plethora of decisions
but no negative outcomes in sight.
'Cause as low as I could go (and it's low),
this world will never move too slow
and my future looks nothing else but bright.

I wish I had a tragedy to write about,
but the fucking fact is
I'm an upper-middle class white male.
And every problem I seem to find
exists only in my mind.
Cut that shit, we're losing time,
wish I had just one more rhyme,
but it seems this ship has set to sail

Faced with a plethora of decisions
but no negative outcomes in sight.
'Cause as low as I could go (and it's low),
this world will never move too slow
and my future looks nothing else but bright.

And honestly, if my band were to make it here and now,
Well I'd be $8,000 in debt and have a quarter of a math degree.

But as low as I could go (and it's low),
this world will never move too slow
and my future looks nothing else but bright.
Track Name: Groundhog Day
How many years will it take
to realize that every day is the same,
lived again and again
just like Groundhog day?

And that voice in my head,
still beckoning for release.
maybe this is his year,
to overcome me

What is that?
do i need it?

I stack my boxes high
and keep my stakes low.
Try to see the microcosm and say no
thanks to fuckers and fuck off to the thieves,
in my head there are no gods,
no managers, and no chiefs.

I want out.

Count by twos
and wait for the day
when everything changes
and I am okay.
Yes, I complain
but not out of greed.
Too often I forget that
not everyone has what they need

And I will never sing another note
or speak another word
to your likes.
Track Name: Blaise Pascal Wagers That You're An Asshole
And aren't all the best lyrics stolen?

Well, I know a kid who thinks he's punk rock
'cause he buys it
And I know a kid who thinks he's punk rock
'cause he never buys shit.
And I'm not certain as to where it is I stand,
I think it's somewhere in between.

But it's hard to be brutally honest
when you can't think of anything to say.
So I'm just sewing loose thoughts together
with dental floss, it's stronger than any thread.

And everyone thinks they have the best,
the best friends in the world.
Well I've seen the kids you hang out with,
and they suck.

But it's hard to be brutally honest
when you can't think of anything to say.
So I'm just sewing loose thoughts together
with dental floss, it's stronger than any thread.

I'm not doing stupid shit, I'm story hunting.
I'm not doing stupid shit, I'm hunting stories.
Let's go on an adventure, let's go story hunting,
we've got a tent, we've got a sign, we've got our thumbs.
Track Name: Slaughterhouse 5.0
Saying when you've had enough,
there's only one way life can work, I know its rough.
Your every breath is our decision,
your painful death, our corporate mission

Your whole existence is just a segment in a pie chart.
There's no resistance to this system built with no heart.
Tortured muscle, limp bodies draped on cold wire.
Immaculate board rooms, tailored CEO's conspire

I don't need to feed your kids,
I don't need to pay your bills
I don't need to watch you die
but in the back of my mind....

So whaddaya' do?
Yeah, whaddaya do?
Yeah, whaddaya do?
Yeah what do you do?

That's right you do whatcha gotta do,
un huh, you do whatcha gotta do.
I guess you do what you do and you can't explain,
but you do whatcha gotta...

You breed in bulk, family farmers cashing welfare checks,
'Just an extension of the hunter-gatherer reflex'?
Our only option, our money for your guilt?
Guess that's the trampled shattered stone
on which your whole fuckin' system is built.

And every day's the same,
twisting and turning,
I can't explain.
And if i could do it again,
I would not be a man.
but something that grows,
fuck it, something that knows.
Will I grow, will I wilt?
I dream of a world without guilt.